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Dr. Tom Potisk, one of America's top natural health practitioners, provides information and tips to help you make wiser healthcare decisions, save money and time, and become healthier. This book frees you from depending on conventional medical care alone. Dr. Potisk's extensive training and experience, combined with his easy-to-implement instructions in this book are revolutionizing healthcare worldwide.

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A vortex is defined as something spinning uncontrollably with a potential to trap and do harm. Sound familiar?

holistic health tips to survive  vortex

As a holistic health care advocate, author, and speaker I get contacted by sometimes frantic   people who tell me horrific stories about their health care. Just yesterday I learned of a  middle   age male who had knee replacement surgery. He is recovering fine, or at least was until he saw      the bill – $58, 863.00. He anticipates adding another $15,000.00 or so to the total for his upcoming rehab therapy.

And just last week a distraught mother lamented about her experience seeking help for her 13 year old daughter’s neuro-muscular disorder. She has seen 9 doctors in the last 6 months, including 2 at our nation’s major medical institution. She obtained no definitive diagnosis and no relief. The bill  so far – $37,876.00.

These are just 2 examples of many true stories. I’d bet you likely have a few yourself, if not about outrageous costs, then errors or blatant fraud.

Our health care delivery system is an embarrassing mess. When a doctor says “this won’t hurt one bit” – say ouch!

Now let me make it clear that we do have the best crisis care system. If you need emergency medical treatment, America is the best place to be and you should go get it. Don’t even hesitate. God bless the many dedicated and hard-working people in the health …


Chiropractic Can Help Children With Bedwetting (Enuresis)

Posted by tom potisk On October - 14 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

Bedwetting (Enuresis) natural remedy information from my holistic health book Whole Health Healing: The Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages:

As I stepped into one of my office’s treatment rooms, there sat a 17-year-old boy named Larry and his father. With Larry exhibiting sheepish body language, his father anxiously described their mutual frustration with one of the most embarrassing problems a young man can have—bedwetting (Enuresis). This problem is devastating for any child, catastrophic for those at or near young adulthood like him.

“We’ve tried everything! The pediatrician kept assuring us he’d grow out of it. Larry is afraid to sleep anywhere other than home. He refuses to travel, can’t go camping with his friends, or have a sleep-over. Can you help him?” pleaded the loving father.

Analyzing the young man’s structure with a chiropractic examination, I detected the usual source of this type of problem—misalignment of the sacrum, a.k.a. tailbone.

Explaining the connection of the nerves branching from the tailbone region and how they control bladder function, but making no promises with this chronic condition (he’d wet the bed nightly all his life), they both boldly wanted me to try.

Chiropractic help for bedwetting (Enuresis)

I’d love to tell you that Larry made a miraculously fast recovery, but instead, he made a miraculously slow recovery. It took a full year involving dozens of chiropractic adjustments. The only thing that kept us from giving up was the random, sporadic, yet progressive improvement (1 dry …


3 Natural Cures for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

Posted by tom potisk On August - 1 - 2013ADD COMMENTS


Due to current shoe styles (higher heels and less support) I’ve been observing that the plantar fascia (band of connective tissue running from heel to toes) has been becoming increasingly taught and painful for many men and women.

This produces foot and ankle pain/stiffness/swelling, and can lead to a debilitating “heel spur” type of discomfort. This problem tends to develop gradually and is most commonly first noticed in the morning. It can worsen to a point of excruciating agony.

There are several natural and holistic remedies worth considering before attempting surgery, injections, or medications. Sadly, many medical professionals mis-label the problem as arthritis.

1.     1) Wear more supportive shoes, orthotic inserts, and lower heels.

2.     …


Super Bowl Super Salad

Posted by admin On February - 3 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

This Super Bowl Super Salad recipe is a real game changer!

I’m looking forward to enjoying some of those classic Super Bowl party snacks and I hope you are too! However, lets control our selves by enjoying them in moderation, and even better yet – after some preparation. For example, I’d recommend having a big salad today, perhaps even making a meal out of it.

I developed this super-nutritious and tasty salad recipe. Try it out!

Wowza delicious!


Super Bowl Super Salad

10 ounces of  Kale

1/2 onion

3 carrots

1 beet

2 celery stalks

1 tablespoon chopped garlic

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

Directions: Finely chop all vegetables especially the Kale (1/8 – 1/2 inch squares), mix together in large salad bowl, cook the chopped garlic in the olive oil until slightly browned, add the olive oil/garlic and lemon juice to the chopped vegetables and toss with the salt and pepper. Let this mixture sit at room temperature covered for 1/2 hour.


Why is this healing? Kale is a super-nutritious vegetable with high levels of minerals and anti-oxidents. Garlic is a fantastic immunity booster,  the extra-virgin olive oil is high in Omega 3 essential oils, and the celery, beets, onions, and kale are well known detox aids.

You can bet I’ll be adding this great recipe to my new Whole Health Healing Cookbook!

Enjoy! And may God bless you and your family with …


Whole Health Healing is now an Amazon bestselling book. Woohoo!

Yep, I just received the news.

I’m not taking much credit because I know that its been all of you that did it with your book reviews, interviews, social media posts, purchases, and all around “talking it up”.

Thanks a “whole” bunch!

And may God bless you and your family with whole health,

Dr Tom Potisk

P.S. If you have not done so yet, please post a  comment at Amazon’s Customer Reviews.

P.P.S When you buy the book from this website (see Home Page), it includes the bonuses of the 1) The eWorkbook/Study Guide and 2) The Healing eCookbook.


A Stanford study on organic food? Ha!

After a delicious breakfast of my home raised organic eggs with home raised organic pork sausage, and home grown organic pears, I’m feeling my usual optimal self – that is fit, strong, alert, calm, creative, rational, grateful and vibrant. Then I heard the news and felt sick.

A beautiful site in my chicken coup every morning.

Specifically, a news report that says “Organic food is no better for you than conventional food according to a new study.”

“Am I still dreaming?” I wonder.

So, I dig up this study and review it’s details and find, not surprisingly, lots of flaws.  I suddenly begin to feel better.

Here is what a New York Times reporter had to say about it in an article called That Flawed Stanford Study: “As usual, the scientists failed to see the forest for the trees, Rather than carefully analyze the full implications of the 200-or-so existing studies they reviewed as part of their meta-analysis, Stanford researchers instead focused solely on an extremely limited scope of criteria in evaluating the potential nutritional differences between organic and conventional food, suggests Bittman. These researchers then extrapolated their incomplete assessment into a general ruling concerning organics, which suggests organic foods are not nutritionally superior to conventional foods.”
And here is a comment from


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May God bless you and your family with whole health,
Dr Tom Potisk
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Low testosterone/low T?
No surprise, there always seems to be some new condition highlighted in the media and this one is the flavor of the day.
Also of no surprise, there is the pharmaceutical industry waiting in the shadows with a supposed solution -  a pill.
Well, here is the truth for our supposed hormone deficient minds to contemplate: Your testosterone level is most likely exactly what it should be (high or low) as a result of your lifestyle. Yep, it is what it is, and as it should be.
Recently, a middle aged male friend from church was complaining in a teasingly self-deprecating way “I can’t believe I’m now driving a mini-van, and enjoying adding flavoring to my coffee!” I teased back with my response “Maybe you’ve got low T!” LOL.

But seriously, the symptoms of low testosterone are generally listed as low sex drive, persistent fatigue and weakness according to WebMD.
Sure, have your testosterone tested if you wish, but remember that the “average normal levels” may not apply to your situation. And it makes me wonder, just what are those “average people” like anyway? It’s near impossible to accurately describe an average person.
So before you get that prescription filled for one of the newly popular, and highly marketed pharmaceutical drugs for low T, consider that there are several very safe and  reliable methods of naturally boosting testosterone.
And …


Organic Produce: 2 Ways to Save Money

Posted by info On May - 3 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

55 second video: Organic Produce: 2 Ways to Save Money

Organic produce costs more as you’ve likely noticed. Many experts argue that it’s worth the extra expense because of the better taste and health benefits.

Read what was written recently in  Prevention Magazine’s article ‘Save Money on organic food‘:
“With all the news about rising food costs, you may be wondering if the organic milk you’ve been putting in your cart is worth the extra cash. It is. Organic food is more expensive, but when it comes to the staples of your diet, organics are a worthwhile investment, with payoffs that might surprise you. The benefits influence your health today–and long-term.”
I’m happy to share 2 ways to save money on organic produce and still enjoy the benefits.

#1) Be selective. Focus your purchases by referring to the list of the most contaminated and least contaminated produce. Be more likely to buy organic varieties that are the most contaminated. Be more likely to not buy organic varieties of the least contaminated. This will reduce your overall grocery bill.

#2) Grow your own. This is the least expensive and most thorough method to ensure that you and your family and …


Natural remedies for Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, and other autism spectrum disorders (ASD) should always be considered.

Short video: Natural Remedies for Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, and PDD

These disorders are on the increase as seen in this recent article:
Children in the grip of autism
More families faced with a difficult diagnosis, by Molly Masland on MSNBC.com
Decades of research have now made autism the most well-known disorder in a category recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as pervasive developmental disorders. In addition to autism, the category includes Asperger Syndrome, Rett’s Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, a catch-all category for children who clearly have impairments but don’t meet the criteria for any of the other disorders (see box below). In many cases, the differences between the various disorders are often slight and easily confused even by specialists.

Four times more common in males than females, according to the Cure Autism Now Foundation, autism affects people from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. It involves a wide spectrum of symptoms ranging from mild to severe, but all have three areas in common: communication problems, impaired social relationships, and unusual patterns of behavior.

I’ve provided natural and holistic care for children  with these brain-function disorders. They all seem to benefit in some way or another, with their parents reporting improvement that the kids get calmer, concentrate better, become more physically coordinated, and sometimes even need less medication.

I’ll never forget one outstanding case—a …