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  • Dr Tom Potisk

Low testosterone/low T?

No surprise, there always seems to be some new condition highlighted in the media and this one is the flavor of the day.

Also of no surprise, there is the pharmaceutical industry waiting in the shadows with a supposed solution -  a pill.

Well, here is the truth for our supposed hormone deficient minds to contemplate: Your testosterone level is most likely exactly what it should be (high or low) as a result of your lifestyle. Yep, it is what it is, and as it should be.

Recently, a middle aged male friend from church was complaining in a teasingly self-deprecating way “I can’t believe I’m now driving a mini-van, and enjoying adding flavoring to my coffee!” I teased back with my response “Maybe you’ve got low T!” LOL.


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But seriously, the symptoms of low testosterone are generally listed as low sex drive, persistent fatigue and weakness according to WebMD.

Sure, have your testosterone tested if you wish, but remember that the “average normal levels” may not apply to your situation. And it makes me wonder, just what are those “average people” like anyway? It’s near impossible to accurately describe an average person.

So before you get that prescription filled for one of the newly popular, and highly marketed pharmaceutical drugs for low T, consider that there are several very safe and  reliable methods of naturally boosting testosterone.

And as for the doctor writing that prescription, remember to respond to him/her with the line I provide in my health book Whole health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages -Thank you doctor for your recommendation; but will you work with me as I pursue a more natural health approach to the solution?” Don’t expect agreement but demand cooperation. Find another doctor if you don’t get that.

So here they are, 5 tips to raise testosterone levels naturally:

1) Drop weight. Studies reveal that losing weight can increase levels significantly. Follow the Whole Health Healing eating recommendations such as less processed carbs, more healthy fats, fresher produce, using sea salt, eating slower, and starting your morning drinking The Morning Cleansing Cocktail. The basics of healthy eating I explain in Chapter 3 of my book work wonders are are simple to implement.

2) Exercise against resistance. All exercise is generally beneficial but to boost testosterone, studies show that you must do muscle building exercises. This would include work-outs with weights, sprinting, wearing ankle and/or wrist weights, and just generally doing less reps with more strain. but careful now – this also increases your injury risk.

3) Get out in the sun. A recently published study finds that men with sufficient blood levels of vitamin D have higher testosterone levels than those with lower measurements. Your body, in it’s amazing God-given ability to self regulate, will produce exactly the vitamin D you need with approx 10 minutes of sun exposure daily. If you live in northern areas, you may likely need supplements or use of a sun lamp.

4) Go to your chiropractor. As a holistic family doctor for nearly 30 years using mainly chiropractic adjustments, I’ve learned that your body can’t work correctly when you have spinal misalignments (vertebral subluxations). This includes your hormone production and balance. Only Doctors of Chiropractic have the training and understanding to help you here. My book is a chiropractic health book and it explains this thoroughly. At the least, chiropractic adjustments will help you move more freely so you can do more resistance exercises with less odds of injury.

5) Get more real rest. When you are stressed your body produces more of another hormone called Cortisol which hampers testosterone production. Learn and practice my signature Healing Rest technique on page 35. You’ll likely find out that you’ve never really been truly relaxed.

May God bless you and your family with whole health,

Dr Tom Potisk

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