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  • Dr Tom Potisk

Natural Remedies for Whooping Cough

Posted by info On December - 14 - 2011

Whooping cough cases are more likely to recover when natural and holistic treatments are utilized in conjunction with conventional medical care.

It is a very contagious and potentially serious bacterial infection, and thus it cause great concern particularly to parents of young children. Talking to your doctor about the suggestions in this article is a good idea.

Natural remedies for Whooping Cough

I’m often asked what natural remedy or holistic cure I recommend for Whooping cough.

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My answer is always the same – we don’t really catch germs they catch us when our resistance is low. The key to treating, preventing, and having a better chance of recovery of any illness is to focus on strengthening one’s immune system to raise resistance.

This strengthening is done in a number of ways.

Here is some advice from a popular natural health website:

“Whooping Cough Treatment using Garlic

Garlic is one of the most effective remedies for whooping cough. The syrup of garlic should be given in doses of five drops to a teaspoon, two or three times a day, for treating this condition. It should be given more often if the coughing spells are frequent and violent.

Whooping Cough Treatment using Ginger

Ginger is another effective remedy for whooping cough. A teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, mixed with a cup of fenugreek decoction and honey to taste, is an excellent diaphoretic. The fenugreek decoction can be made by boiling one teaspoon of seeds in 250 ml of water till it is reduced to half.

Whooping Cough Treatment using Radish

Syrup prepared by mixing a teaspoon of fresh radish juice with an equal quantity of honey and a little rock salt, is beneficial in the treatment of this disease. It should be given thrice daily.

Whooping Cough Treatment using Almond Oil

Almond oil is valuable in whooping cough. Five drops of almond oil should be mixed with ten drops each of fresh white onion juice and ginger juice, and taken thrice daily for a fortnight. It will provide relief.

Whooping Cough Treatment using Calamus

The herb calamus is another valuable remedy for whooping cough. A pinch of the powder of the roasted herb should be given with a teaspoon of honey. Being antispasmodic, it prevents severe bouts of coughing. For smaller children, the dose must be proportionately smaller.

Whooping Cough Treatment using Onion

According to some naturalists the raw onion can offer some relief in whooping cough treatment. You can simply chop an onion finely to extract the juice and mix this with an equal amount of honey. Allow it to stand for four or five hours and then have a tablespoon of the solution twice a day. This is believed to be an effective home remedy for whooping cough.

Whooping Cough Treatment using Turmeric

Turmeric is another highly valued ingredient among herbalists and practitioners of natural medicine. You use turmeric in either its raw or powdered form. A small pinch of the powder had twice a day is thought to help relieve the whooping cough symptoms.

Whooping Cough Treatment using Raisins

You can use raisins to prepare a sauce that is said to help treat a whooping cough. Simply grind around 100 grams of raisin in regular drinking water, with around a 100 grams of sugar added in. Heat the mixture on medium heat, and preserve the thick liquid that is obtained. Just have a tablespoon of the solution once or twice a day.”

– an excerpt from the website http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/

In addition, I strongly suggest:

1) Get chiropractic adjustments.

2) Eat several servings of raw and preferably organic vegetables and fruits daily.

3) Get adequate rest.

4) Prayer/spiritual growth.

People with Whooping cough may still need prescription medication; but these natural methods work well to strengthen immunity and build resistance.

May God bless you and your family with whole health,

Dr Tom Potisk

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